About EET

Environmental Energy Technologies, Inc. (EET) was established in 2004 to develop technologies that address the major issues in pollution control and energy conservation.

Since inception, the company developed cost effective technologies and services to remediate wastewater for municipal wastewater treatment facilities, agricultural and industrial wastewater facilities. Its de-scaling and bio-film control technology is currently employed at at over 30 facilities to keep the cooling tower piping free from scale and microbial growth, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the tower operation. EET has also developed a UV water purification technology which is suitable for small inexpensive systems to large municipal water treatment facilities. I

EET’s distinctive competence lies in its ability to:

  1. Identify early-stage technologies with commercial potential.
  2. Manage prototyping and testing efficiently.
  3. Maintain productive links with government institutions and laboratories that leverage EET’s resources and enhance its credibility.
  4. Identify and manage relationships with large manufacturers to maximize the value of EET’s development process.

The EET system for Cooling Tower water treatment is known as Electronic Pulse Generato or EPG which consists of a power supply providing pulsing DC voltage to a set of coils which are wrapped around the recirculation pipe. The pulsing power imparts  energy through the coils into water flowing in the piping which may be PVC or steel.

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EET develops, manufactures and markets/sells Diesel Emissions Control System called DPRS which reduces harmful diesel emissions. Our core technology features a multiple patents protected method of using non-thermal plasma (NTP) or plasma-catalytic oxidation  for removing particulate matter (PM) and other pollutants found in diesel engine exhaust.

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