Bio & De-Scaling Control System

EET’s Electronic Water Treatment system is known as Electronic Pulse Generator (EPG) which works by application of a pulsing DC voltage to energize a set of coils which are wrapped around the recirculation pipe of the cooling tower for easy  installation. A second version is a turnkey skid-based system shown on the right which encompasses the power supply, the coils and a water pump all as one unit which is directly interface with the cooling tower.  Control of scale and growth of microbiological organisms in the cooling tower water helps maintain system efficiency.

How the De-Scaling Works

  • Mineral ions including Calcium and Bicarbonate are present in all water supplies and responsible for most scale problems.
  • The induced electric field by the power supply through the coils provides molecular agitation to mineral ions such as Calcium and Bicarbonate to collide and precipitate into submicron size amorphous (non crystal)  particles  in bulk water.
  • As the water enters a heat exchanger, the solubility of the mineral ions in water drops, forcing them to drop out of water and adhere to CaCO3 particles rather than on the heat transfer surface, thus preventing scale formation.
  • As deposition rate is significantly reduced, the scale rate becomes negative, thus removing existing scales.

The installations in the field have shown that the system works very effectively with either PVC or steel pipes of up to 18 inches in diameter.

How the Bio Control Works

The inactivation of the microorganism works by application of an intense electric field through the wrapped coils.  This intense electric field develops small holes in the microorganisms cell membrane which causes the cell to intake water and swell, leading to its rupture.

De-Scaling and Bio Control System Benefits

EET’s , non-chemical alternative cooling tower de-scaling system, prevents scale build up, and it also inhibits the growth of micro-biological organisms. The system provides a multitude of frequencies at varying voltages and power levels. This disrupts the organism cells causing them to become sterile and unable to reproduce.

Value Add:

  • Non-chemical system
  • Cost: Equal or lower than current chemical costs
  • Sustainable water supply: Treated water can be used for flushing and irrigation purposes
  • Ease of Installation & Operation
  • No modification to existing HVAC equipment required
  • No disruption of service
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced monitoring time

A cleaner safer greener work space:

  • No Chemicals to Spill
  • No Drum Disposal Issues
  • No Hazardous Liquid Chemicals
  • No offensive Odors or Fumes
  • No Powders to Irritate
  • Safe and Simple to apply
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cleaner, safer work area
  • Conserve floor space