Clean Diesel

Diesel Particulate Removal System (DPRS): Next-Generation Diesel Emissions Control System:

EET develops, manufactures and markets/sells Diesel Emissions Control System called DPRS which reduces harmful diesel emissions. Our core technology features a multiple patents protected method of using non-thermal plasma (NTP) or plasma-catalytic oxidation  for removing particulate matter (PM) and other pollutants found in diesel engine exhaust.

Our products provide an off-the-shelf, easy to implement solution for reducing emissions and particulate matter in diesel exhaust.

Benefits: At a Glance

The Clean Diesel particulate matter oxidizer reduces diesel engine carbon soot and satisfies EPA/CARB mandates for carbon soot reduction and clean air requirements.

Other key benefits include:

  • Reduces harmful emissions such as CO and HC by over 90% when combined with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).
  • Lowest cost system per ton of particulate matter.
  • Electric-based system creates no engine back pressure.
  • Saves fuel compared to filters.
  • Highly reliable and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Easy to install and adaptable to different exhaust systems.
  • Customers can avoid expensive fines and other financial consequences of failing to meet EPA Clean Air Mandates.
  • Clean Diesel can help prolong the useful life of diesel engines by installing retrofits and delaying larger capital investments.

System Overview

DPRS is relatively simple and consists of only three main components:

  •  An exhaust reactor chamber which contains plasma generating probes (electrodes).
  • A power supply which converts 12 or 24 V DC to high voltage and drives the plasma probes.
  • Wiring system including fault light indicator, plus high and low voltage harnesses.